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Donaueschingen is sport and cultural city. The Donaueschinger Fürstlich Fürstenberg riding tournament is just as well-known, as Donaueschinger music days (in each case in October). Donaueschingen offers riding possibilities in various riding associations to you; Gulfs on 18 and/or 9 a hole - golf course (3 km of our house), tennis on a very beautiful plant in the midst of the Fürstlichen park or in the indoor tennis court; Mini gulf or swimming in the park swimming pool.

Fishing rods to the Breg, Brigach, Danube, rage oh or one the Fischweiher. Wheel-drive on the level as also at the steepest tendencies for Hobbyradler.

You can rent Bicycles with us. Their own bring along and reliably subordinate. Walk with and without luggage; the luggage is on the other hand transported of a hotel.

Enjoy good and healthy rough air on the Baar. You will be surprised, as relaxed you return home.




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